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We are still currently producing orders as normal. However, there may be some slight delays in shipping and replying to emails due to being extremely understaffed but we are trying to process everything as fast as humanly possible. Thank you

Shipping Information

All products are padded as much as humanly possible to withstand any knocks or bashes from the couriers. However, we are working with glass and from time to time, albeit not very often sometimes glass can smash

All orders are shipped with either Royal Mail or DPD and both can be tracked to find their whereabouts, if you are unable to track your item with the tracking provided, please contact us and we will find your parcel for you.

What can I do if my glass has smashed? Contact us right away, providing we are contacted within 5 working days we will re-issue your glass free of charge, if we are notified after this period the stencil used to create your glass would have been wiped and would incur costs of creating a new one.

If your order hasn’t arrived by the deadline, contact us right away we will contact the courier and find out exactly where your parcel is, as it may have been left in a safe place or delivered to your local post office and awaiting collection.