Where We Began

We’d love for you to know about us, so you can see, as a customer where we come from and how you are part of our journey.


At a young age, myself and my brother, Ollie moved to Spain with our parents and after 10 years, we realised there weren’t many career opportunities for us. Within the last couple of years there our parents hit hard times; our house and car were repossessed and we essentially lost everything. 


However, inspired by our dad’s will to never give up, Ollie and I moved back to England in the hope of making something of ourselves. Whilst working in IT and driving, Ollie was expecting a baby and I was hoping to take up my lifetime goal of riding in Speedway. With this in mind we invested £100 each into CNC Group hoping to be able to quit our jobs in 5 years’ time. Within 4 weeks, Ollie and I had done so.


The company started by selling customer return stock from a retail company and clearance lines to raise money to purchase an industrial laser machine. We started in a 3x3m shed, eventually moving to one larger in Ollie’s mother-in-law’s garden. The shed had holes in the walls and no heating so it definitely made for some cold days near Christmas, but we managed to get our first warehouse within a year. We have since moved to an even larger premises and now seeking a further warehouse to keep up with growth.


Myself now 28 years old, accomplished my dream of riding a Speedway bike and have won various races. Those victories however, do not come close to the feeling of walking into the warehouse to see what we have created operating smoothly. Ollie who has just turned 30 now has 3 children and gets to see them grow up enjoying life to the absolute max. 


3 years ago we used to expect 60 orders a day per engraver, we now produce around 500,000 orders a year. We believe we have gotten where we are today, down to the processes, automation, efficiency and of course the support of our loving partners. 


But now, a key thing about us is our goal to be what people think of first thinking of getting a gift, especially in the personalised industry. We have plans coming out of our ears for the future and we’re aiming to make this company the best it can possibly be.


Where We Are Now

All Things Personalised is a trading division of CNC Group who have a goal to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value.


Our glass is engraved using the latest technologies in the industry. We have developed our own process to engraving glass meaning we can deliver the highest quality engravings at a cost-effective price within an incredible time frame.


It doesn’t just stop at engraving. We have large screen-printing equipment, allowing us to deliver elegant printed glassware. A crucial part about us is that our inks and processes we use are environmentally friendly, meaning we do not release any damaging gases into the atmosphere. So you can drink from your glasses knowing our earth hasn’t suffered as a consequence. Not only this, but we’ve progressed into engraved jewellery, canvas and much more


We have delivered custom glasses to bars, pubs, restaurants and the general public. As well as this, we aid in making people’s special day extra special by supplying custom glassware to weddings. Have you ever thought of having custom glasses instead of a name card at people’s seats? Well we have, and at All Things Personalised we strive to give you absolute quality with a personal touch.